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Report - Ge Thorn Lighting Zumtobel Leicester Feb 2011


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Well here it goes and let me tell you its fucking secure well the main building is the outer buildings are a piece of piss and every few meters inside there is police tape,
This was a late explore due to lostexplorer getting up late and being let down by others,
I honestly didnt expect to get in here and thought it would be shit how wrong was i.
Anyone who has driven into leicester 10 years ago at christmas would know ge lighting it was always lite from top to bottom with massive christmas lights and a goal of mine for years.
Zumtobel Group (also known as Zumtobel AG) is a company based in Dornbirn, Austria which comprises two sub-groups: Zumtobel Lighting Group, which includes the lighting brands "Zumtobel" and "Thorn"; and Tridonic, which manufactures lighting components. Thorn Lighting maintains head offices in Borehamwood, Herts; the other divisions in the group are all headquartered in Dornbirn.

The division with the longest history in the group is Thorn Lighting, which was acquired from Thorn EMI in a leveraged management buy-out. Its integration in Zumtobel was completed in 2000. Thorn Lighting was founded in 1928 by Jules Thorn and Alfred Deutsch.

Zumtobel was founded in 1950 by Dr. Walter Zumtobel as "Elektrogeräte- und Kunstharzpreßwerk W. Zumtobel KG" in Dornbirn. The company produced ballasts for the newly introduced fluorescent light fittings.

Thorn Lighting had lamp factories in Leicester, Merthyr Tydfil and Enfield which were sold to GE Lighting. It relocated its factory in Spennymoor, UK, to a new site in 2009 reducing its carbon footprint for manufacturing in the UK by 25%

old generator

new fire pump

Yep thats the whole site its massive.

old boardroom


the boardroom vault

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I used to work here... Great to see the old place.