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Hi all,
I’m interested to know what kind of precautions and planning you guys need to undertake before you access these drain systems?
What kind of gear do you use and do you have to research what flows into the systems and when etc to prevent it flooding whilst you are down there? (If that’s even possible) J


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The weather forecast is a good thing to check.

A 4 gas meter is a good idea for serious sewer draining too but expensive to maintain so most people don't use them and trust thier instinct.

The biggest thing is to plan as you go. Don't just blunder along not considering how you can get out, how the lconditions might be changing of if where your about to climb into might dodgey

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The weather forecast is your best friend, also a good look at the sky before you go under.
For kit, torches, spare torches, spare spare torches and spare batteries for them, you don't want to be caught out with no light. Already mentioned is a 4gas, essential gear for sewer exploring. Just recently 2 drainage workers died after working in a sewer (not sure of the exact circumstances but it was reported they were overcome by gas) so instinct alone is iffy at best - I've come out of a sewer myself feeling proper dizzy after only 5 or 10 minutes in there, it could have ended a lot worse than it did.


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I still have a gas detector from my days as a cable TV installer. We had to check gas levels when opening chambers etc.

Some of the engineering on some of the systems I've seen on reports on here is amazing but not sure I'd ever have to guts to move below ground haha


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I might have a look what is about, I live in Macclesfield so theres plenty of rivers and streams around here. Maybe I will have a try and move from the abandoned buildings to try something new :)