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Barry Railway Carriage Trust was formed in 2009 to restore former Barry Railway carriage 163 to service on the Severn Valley Railway. They are based at Hampton Loade Station with a workshop and sales shop. 163 was built in 1895 and saw service on the Barry Railway in South Wales before withdrawal in 1928 when it was sold for use as a summer house on the Clent Hills. The coach was saved for preservation in 1992 and has been undergoing restoration at Hampton Loade ever since. More than £50,000 has been spent on the restoration since work began.
So far the roof and bodywork have been repaired, all doors repaired or replaced, partitions between the compartments re-instated and the coach has been mounted onto a replacement underframe. Looks like not a lot has been done in the last 2 years, and looks lot worse than it did a few years ago
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