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Whilst not quite 'urbex' this should add a little more context to my reply in this thread:

(and there's an element of decay as vsisible in the first photo plus comment in the linked thread!)

I mentioned that the Erddig hydraulic ram pump drive water was fed from a 'cup and saucer' water feature. The design of this will be familiar to everyone from reservoir outlets...there are big versions and there's a regularly photographed small one....this is small too
It can be seen that it wasn't in good condition with water escaping over the edge closest to me causing a small marshland. Prior to the storms and underground movement it might not have been so bad.

(hopefully the water will prove that I wasn't trying to get one of those jaunty-angled phone snaps so popular with goontubers)

The outlet from the weir and at ground level centre left the top of the ram pump chamber.

The weir gives a constant head down to the ram pump (see linked thread for photo of that)

The ram pump in it's brick chamber

The hatch at the top is so the pump could be dropped in and lifted for seal replacement. The gate is normally locked and the mesh covering restricts the view somewhat.

Hopefully of interest to others, these were just a few grabbed shots when on site for a meeting.


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Morecambe Winter Gardens - taken in 2013
The Victoria Pavillion as it was then known, opened its doors to the public on 17 July 1897 designed to be both a grand variety theatre and a concert hall. Built at a cost of nearly £100,000, it was designed by Mangnall & Littlewood from Manchester with interiors by Dean and Co, including tiling covering the walls and ceiling of the lavish foyer by Burmantoft of Leeds. Marble steps led the public upstairs to the lavish Grand Circle with the third tier known locally as the Gods, with bench seating




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A random abandoned workshop a few minutes walk from my work, I've not been out for a while so poked my nose in to have a look. Wouldn't have been anything to write home about at all were it not for the fantastic collection of racing and motoring stickers from the 1970s & 1980s on the rear of the door.









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