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Another of those places that is great for history and photography but where sometimes the two don't seem to offer up the right combination....

The depression is the terminus for an aerial ropeway which carried manganese ore over the hill and down to the sea. The metalwork the remains of the sheave wheel.



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Whilst thinking about fuel pipelines....

The largest fuel storage site outside of refinery areas was the underground storage in the salt caverns at Plumley. Due to their not being a convenient local water supply for fire fighting two pump houses were built next to the River Weaver. Built of shuttered concrete with earth protection. Each pumphouse had a 14" watermain across to Plumley. I've no idea if the equipment remains in situ but they are officially out of use now.

Northerly pumphouse (river is behind the pumphouse)

Southerly pumphouse which also had a protected 11000V substation and standby set house next to it.

One of the pump inlets

The interiors are not accessible at this time.

The current fuel piplelines also cross the weaver at this point

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Dubbed an infinity pool because of its positioning on the mountainside, until recently this beauty spot was only really known to hikers who used it as a place to rest. In actuality it's a £40,000 green energy project that required helicopters to get it up there.

Because of how visitors in search of the pool have been treating the area - classified as a Site of Special Scientific Interest - the local sheep farmer and owner has claimed the National Parks Authority will cover the pool with wire mesh unless the surrounding environment is respected.

Once I shared this pic with friends they claimed the water is used as a drinking supply for the homes below, though I can't confirm this. In interviews the farmer has complained about the local habitat not being respected, but not about hikers swimming and washing their feet in the water. Best to avoid it, however tempting it may be.

A friend had given us a good idea of which direction to head, but after that it was just a case of following our noses until we found it - as you can tell, the hike was pretty steep!

The view from the pool was breathtaking and made me so proud to be Welsh - next time I'll be waiting until sunset to experience the place in all its glory.

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