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Had a little revisit to Healings Mill yesterday as I was with a trio who hadn't been before, which ended up with us sharing the space with a group of six or seven kids who actually turned out to be pretty decent despite all their sports leisurewear. They went off and did their own thing which mainly involved making lots of noise and so we let them get on with that whilst we spent our time on the lower levels for a little bit. Then a few of them decided it would be a great laugh to run up and down the corrugated roof on one part of the building making a racket but anyway kids will be kids and all.

Turns out their antics had alerted the locals who had called the police and apparently the police had turned up and also sent a helicopter over which spooked the kids who all scarpered and left us - totally unknowingly - in peace. We only found all this out as we bumped into them again on the road outside the mill a good 45 minutes later, and realised that was the reason a police helicopter had buzzed low over the site just prior to us emerging out of the building!

Anyway I managed to see a couple of parts I had missed a few months back, it's still a good place to explore.

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