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28DL Full Member
A couple of pics from Duxford today, getting ready for the big explore but stopped off with some pillboxes first. First photo seems to be the old drainage for RAF Duxford. Just uncovered yesterday by a farmer. Looks big enough to crawl through...


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Some phone photos from an impromptu explore of Shakespeare County Raceway yesterday, was heading home from the NEC with a friend and thought we'd pop by and see what was going on with the place. As the light was rapidly fading and I didn't have any of my proper equipment with me I only snapped some crappy phone photos but I'm intending on going back soon to get some proper shots - I spent a good few times here watching the drag racing and admiring the beautiful cars at various NSRA events and it is so sad to see it closed.



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A couple of shots from my morning bimble. This is the old cricket pavilion just outside of Guist.

Wouldn't say it is report worthy but still pretty cool to look at and (to me at least) not exactly the sort of thing you'd expect to see in England.



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