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Ladywash Mine, Eyam Derbyshire
Just externals of what's left of this old fluorspar mine. I've seen internal pictures from 2017 where a group of cavers got into the mine itself via an old mile-long 18th century channel. The headstock went along time ago and the shaft is now capped. A few buildings remain including the workshop, a chimney and the old explosives store - all of which are sealed. Hence didn't get enough pictures to merit a full report so popping it in here.

A brief history:

The mine was sunk by Glebe Mines Ltd around 1936 to produce fluorspar, used in making flux for the steel industry. It was then taken over by Laporte Industries Ltd in 1959. The mine operated for two decades before being placed under care and maintenance in March 1979. By March 1986 the headgear was gone, the shaft capped and fenced off. The track was lifted and its twin tipplers removed.

The Pictures:

The workshops and chimney:

A little peek inside:

The shaft:

And finally, the explosives store:

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Ya Boy Croy

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Found a nice little place for a little photo session enroute to a location.. Location turned out to be a flop though.. D: This place was worth a visit itself though, lol..



Sorry if quality isn't the best.. Camera doesn't give it justice..

-Ya Boy Croy


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Sometimes local things are hiding in plain sight, I only wandered down a very small portion of this and so will be going back very soon to see how far I can get. It's got a promising looking covered section looking at maps.



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