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Report - George Barnsley and Sons Ltd, Sheffield - September 2011


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The History

I haven't got much to add here, George Barnsley was apprenticed into the filemakers trade in 1823 by his mother, Anne, who had been widowed. He was signed in to the apprenticeship - to a Thomas Wing of Sheffield - for seven years and two hundred and seventy one days. He later went in to partnership with his brother and they established themselves as one of the worlds leading manufacturers of tools for the shoe making and leather trades. The company grew throughout the 19th century and the Barnsley family were held in high regard in the thriving city. Eventually the outdated factory and production methods fell victim to the increasingly competitive import market and the growing costs of production, finally closing in 2003. There are currently no solid plans set out for the site.

The Explore

Firstly big thanks go to Tweek for giving me some helpful information. I've luckily just moved in to student digs about ten minutes away from this place. It's one of the sites I've always marveled at when it's repeatedly flashed up on here and rightly so. Although the place seems to have been ransacked somewhat there is still the feeling of walking in to a time capsule, it seems amazing to me that it closed so recently, especially considering regulations and the logistical nightmare that must have been working in a building that is that much of a maze. I've been a couple of times and intend to return a good few more yet. Unfortunately I get the impression this may be another site that will go up in flames if the owners don't get their act together.

If anyone wants to visit then give me a pm as I'm glad to take another wander around and I think it would be a brilliant location for some portraiture.

The Photographs











Thanks for looking, constructive criticism is more than welcome as always!


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