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Report - George Barnsley Toolmakers Cornish Works, Sheffield 20/05/10


I should have danced all night
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Visited with Dweeb and Speed.

Last Bank Holiday when me, Raddog and Speedio were at the cement works in Rochester, Speed was full of enthusiasm about this place in Sheffield. He spoke of tools! Lots of tools and wooden cabinets that would make a carpenter weep with pride! It's very rare for Speed to show excitement so I realised George Barnsley must be something a little special.

We were due to go to the Emerald Isle for a weekend of adventure but got waylaid by a volcano so we opted for the beautiful North. I love Sheffield (and Jarvis) and George Barnsley made Sheffield even more special purely because of its capability to time-warp anyone that goes in there. As Dweeb and Speed said in their reports, the place is so old. There's just not a modern thing in sight and coming across original war posters and cuttings stuck to the walls was just shockingly good.

George Barnsley made tools of all types including channel groovers, hacking knives, glazing irons and fudgewheels! It's an industrial Willy Wonka factory! What a fantastic day....I was even allowed to go the bead shop! :D

Here's the photos. Lovely Jubbly!