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Report - George Dyke Forgemasters, Willenhall - May 2015

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Explored with @The Wombat

A brief history...

The late Mr.George Dyke was born in Birmingham in 1826 and later moved to live in Willenhall where he worked as a bolt maker.

The original site in Willenhall at Doctors Piece was once a piece of land belonging to Doctor Richard Wilkes, which eventually passed into the ownership of the Chapel of Ease estate. During the cholera epidemic in 1849, the land at the side of the forge was hastily turned into a burial ground and some 211 victims are believed to buried there.
The firm, which has been forging work since about 1830, closed its old plant at Doctors Piece in Willenhall, where it had been since its formation, at the end of last year.
OK so you've probably noticed the inaccuracy there. A lot of people are quoting that the company started in 1830, but George Dyke wasn't born until 1826? If someone could explain, that would be great, thanks.

So the explore. Well, we walked straight past it at first, thinking that there's no way this crapped out building could be what we were looking for. It was though, and it seems that it was not in the best condition even when it was live.

So on with the pictures. Big machines. No words.









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This has now got people on site with fork lifts and vans i drove past last night on my way home, loads of banging going on!