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Report - Giants Hole (Round Trip), Derbyshire - July 2011.


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Giants Hole (Round Trip)
(Ojay/Ninja Boy)

A Grade 3 sporting cave where the main streamway leads 30M down to a Blasted Passage

It's also home to the most famous passage in Derbyshire, the extended sick joke of the Crabwalk.

A late start on this one meant we were underground until early evening, again having no sleep & fueled by energy drinks we made our way in

After paying our Trespass fee it was a short walk along the valley to the Entrance


Once inside we made our way down Blasted Passage, which leads down firstly to Base Camp Chamber


A further walk downstream took us to the impressive Boss Aven, to reach the head of Garlands Pot


A quick ab down (4.5M) we were soon at the bottom of the pitch



A rift opposite the cascade is the entrance to The Crabwalk


This very high and narrow passage twists & turns, this was some hardcore shit and my ankle took a real beating!

After around 410M the Crabwalk narrows for a short section to form The Vice

I found it impossible to squeeze through due to my big bones, so I had no choice but to take a dunk in the stream and pass underneath :D


We then passed on by Razor Edge Cascade, Deep Comic Act Cascade, continued along the Crabwalk until we reached the Great Relief Passage and onto the Eating House

From here a 3M climb leading to a short crawl to Maggin's Rift, followed by free climbing a further 8M cascade to a junction

Here we headed right along Letter Box Passage to Ghost Rift which brought us to the entrance to the Giants Windpipe



After hearing quite a bit about this section, I wasn't looking forward to the next 60ft...

Put simply it's an awkward low crawl in 2ft of water, in which you can just about avoid your head being submerged for the final 20ft or so :eek:

The wetsuit is a must in here, and tbh I was now soaked to the skin as I hauled my ass out the other side!

Eventually the passage breaks out into the roof of the Crabwalk, a quick traverse along the roof passage and a 14M abseil takes you back to the upper reaches of the Crabwalk

We then headed back the way we came, eventually escaping into the remainder of daylight, cold, wet & knackered :thumb



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Thought I might have a little wander in here on my own, but don't think I will now :)

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