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Report - Giarre Regional Swimming Pool, Sicily, March 2014


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Visited here with wobs92 on a recent holiday to Sicily. Great little place and access was super easy, although we had some strange looks from the locals as we tried to get through the thorny opening in the fence/bush. No security around whatsoever so we had the place to ourselves.

Some history

Giarre is a small Sicilian seaside town that lies in the shadow of Mount Etna has around 25 half-finished grand building projects, one of which is the swimming pool. This town within a town was dubbed the Archaeological Park of Sicilian Incompletion by Italian artists, and the name has stuck. The pool was built in the 1980's during a boom in construction but it has never seen a drop of water. The company apparently never had any intention of completing the build, and were only interested in winning the contract to build so they could access the cash available before scattering once the money ran out. With the pool never finished there isn't really much more detail available I'm afraid.

Thanks for looking :)

wobs92 and soap746






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