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Report - Gildersome tunnel Leeds. The return to hell


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After my last visit to the beast of Gildersome in November i vowed never ever EVER to go back down there. Anyway i somehow managed to get talked back into making trip no2. So i finally agreed as i'd like to try get some better shots of the place, and we now had a great weapon to hand in our new 12 million candle powered torch. we had now had an impressive 24.5 million candle power at our disposal creating a beam of light powerful enough to knock out Darth Vaders death star.. A bloody pain to hump about tho!! So nice and early on Saturday morning and less than 3 months after my last visit i found myself once again slipping and sliding my way down to the portal of doom! :eek:

Our first glimpse of the target stood on top of the tunnel Portal and retaining wall, The tunnel is an impressive piece of engineering on a grand scale. The muddy condition in the cutting below can be clearly seen.

Suprisingly the boggy conditions to reach the portal had improved dramatically since our last visit. It looks like someone has located one of the old soak ways & unblocked it allowing the water flowing out of the tunnel to run off instead of backing up inside. It's still extremely muddy and the first 200 yds of tunnel are lethal to navigate.


This gives you a good idea how vast these places really are. Tunnels eat up light so Mickey mouse torches are useless down here!


Good torches & long exposure shots really bring out the many different colours down here.


Gildersome is without a doubt the most impressive and photogenic tunnel i've done. I doubt if it can be beaten. However it's most definitely the hardest as well, :eek: That makes it all the more satisfying afterwards. :D

My other stuff, piccies & vid from the last 2 trips are here

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Oops!.....didn't look at the date. Shame its sealed, thanks for the update

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