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Report - Girls High School - Leeds - Dec '14

Mr Sam

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Interesting one this as its almost like 2 explores in one of course the Hospital is totally make believe fake walls and props, took ages to find the operating theatre as the signs to it are very misleading not to mention doors that are just painted into the walls so to speak!

LGHS was founded in 1876, at a time when female education was limited but expanding. Frances Lupton and other members of the Ladies’ Honorary Council of the Yorkshire Board of Education decided that campaigning for access to the universities was of little use without better all-round education for girls, equivalent to what boys received at traditional academic grammar school.

In 2005 LGHS merged with Leeds Grammar School to form the Grammar School at Leeds (GSAL). The merged school administration took over LGHS in August 2005, however the schools did not physically merge until September 2008.

The school building was used as a filming location for the fictional St Matthews' Hospital in the new ITV medical drama Monroe.

day out up north with Goldie87 & MD











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Nice piccies mate :thumb

I watched an episode of Monroe last night, funny how believable it seems as a genuine Hospital on Film so to speak.


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I can just remember it on tv when it first aired,
It"s running on ITV Encore ATM MY SKY planner say next Sat at 2.10AM for next episode, where Monroe screws the Woman who fills those vending machines :)

Worth watching actually. Not for the acting obviously :) But to see everything all nicely lit up with a few props and Nurses, and see them walking into that lift and the doors with no exits, & the Cafe of course.

Don"t know why the flooded room with all the ripped up Wooden flooring etc didn"t feature though ;)


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yeah it was us who code named it (trying to avoid getting it destroyed)and everything went tits up! Started WW3 i think, Sorry guys!

Great report mate! We went at night so our photos weren't half as good.

Lots of secca and police action when we left, luckily we had already got off premises when they rolled up

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