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Report - Gironde Industrial Site (?) & Hotel


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Industrial site

This was unplanned. When I was in France earlier this year, eating baguettes and so on, I just drove past something hiding in the trees and undergrowth, and couldn't help but turn round for a better look. I'm glad I did. There was a lot of building work of some kind going on very nearby to this site, so I had to avoid a few workmen and diggers round the back. Couldn't really say if the builders were doing anything with this site specifically, but I avoided them all the same. to be honest it looked like no-one had any interest in this place at all.

It's near the Gironde estuary, within sight of industrial units of today and large shipping docks. I'm assuming it had some link to all that.

There was some sort of melted orange goo on the floor in places. I suppose it was probably melted insulation, maybe there was a fire here. Wasn't keen to get too close, but if I'd known I'd later be putting these on here I'd have definitely got some of it. The person I was with may have got some, I'll see.




The view after scrambling across some crap.



Nature is pretty serious about reclaiming this site if the builders don't get here.


We weren't the only ones to have had a look at this place. Very different graff to the stuff seen in my last report, a bit darker, but still sort of cool. They used a rusting metal spar end to skewer this poor guy.


I never usually shoot anything, ever, in b&w as a starting point. I just thought it was a moody place.



Arches. Much of the orange goo was around this area.



I have NO idea what these semi-circular ended blocks are. I just thought they looked kind of like gravestones, which seemed pretty apt for whatever this place was.





Hotel - This was sort of an added bonus. The person I was with didn't let me have a go at this properly, but it's worth seeing all the same, particularly if someone else fancies a crack at it...

I also found this old hotel and restaurant in the same region. It was virtually untouched. Clear evidence of some kids drinking in the entrances to the cellar, but beyond that it hasn't had much interest. It looks like it was just deserted once the industrial stuff that surrounds it took away any commercial viability. It's near the banks of the river, but with loads of hideous industry enclosing it, it didn't have much chance. It's just been slowly rotting ever since. God knows when, but just the state of it suggests it's been some time. The structure is fine, but the roof and some of the cobbled on parts are clearly failing.


As seen from the road. I rather liked the broken / nicked vacancy sign hanging from the front defiantly.


Other road view. As you can see, it's pretty classic. There;s no glass left in the windows visible, but the bottom shutters can be opened easily on one side, and I know it would have been easy to get into those on the first floor.


Bilingual entrance. Blocked off here but clearly would be accessible in some places.


Climbed up to have a look in one of the rooms. It's in a pretty untouched state.


The back. You can't see too well but the stuff to the left is sort of a shanty-town of material that looks like it has been well and truly botched on. Accordingly, it is now falling back off. Note the roof tiles missing.

Hope you enjoyed these.