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Report - GKN Shadow Building, Birmingham [August 2015]


Angel Maker

GKN Shadow Building, Birmingham.


Our first report is of a fairly well known set of buildings in Birmingham that is on it's way to becoming completely demolished. Being new to Urban Exploration, this is the first site we have visited successfully and are looking for other people around the area to help us out in the future, so feel free to send us a message if you are feeling generous.

It took multiple visits for us to explore the whole area and despite falling into a hole in the underground tunnels, everything went smoothly. As well as some interesting industrial sights, rich history and paper work, there was some amazing graffiti to be found inside the area. We are unsure of how much we missed out on due to demolition, but we are happy with what we managed to see and it made us extremely excited for the future.

In 1854 J. S. Nettlefold, a Birmingham screw manufacturer, had revolutionized his industry by introducing automated American machinery. Room was needed to house this; Nettlefold, joined by his brother-in-law Joseph Chamberlain, father of the statesman, established the Heath Street Works in Cranford Street, Smethwick. The firm dominated the market by the mid 1860s. In 1880, the year in which it became a limited company, Nettlefolds took over one of its local rivals, the Birmingham Screw Co. The newly acquired works was almost as large as the Heath Street Works and faced it from the opposite bank of the Birmingham Canal.

By the outbreak of the First World War the new company produced over half the screws and about a quarter of the nuts and bolts made in the country. In the late 1960s the headquarters of Guest, Keen & Nettlefolds Ltd., by then an investment company, adjoined the Heath Street Works, a 50-acre complex run by GKN Screws and Fasteners Ltd. and employing some 4,500 people.
The history I found has been used by multiple people across different reports and sites, there isn't much that hasn't been said, but it was taken from a British History site that explains in great detail all about the economy of the area.











28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Went here yesterday, and have to say I was blown away! The size of the place is incredible. In all, me and my friend spent around 4/5 hours around here!

We're going back Friday to look around the tunnels, as our torches weren't bright enough. Also seeing a set of eyes staring back at us, having no clue what it was, was abit off putting without light ha!

If you wanna see some more locations around the midlands check out my YouTube (Search Majg Urbex). Also if you want the locations and how to access don't be affraid to ask!

Just before we left, we were greeted with this sight. Creepy indeed.

Cheers :)



Angel Maker

It definitely is an amazing place and real shame that there used to be more to it that we missed out on!

I will check out your channel and drop you a message, thank you for your help!

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