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Report - GKN Stirchley Tunnels, Birmingham March 2013


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Stealth succeeds where polite request fails once again.

Another chapter of what has proved a colourful tapestry of exploration of the once mighty empire of Guest Keen and Nettlefold Ltd. The Stirchley branch is a similar age to the Heath St Works in Smethwick some of you will be familiar with, but is still in use as various industrial units.

Most of it is occupied by a car breakers, of dubious ethics. The factory has not had a penny spent on it since GKN's day, and I've asked various people for a look inside since I moved to the area. I was there today buying some stuff, saw the staircase that had fascinated me for so long, and thought "fuck it", and in a moment of rashness just went for it!

It what I expected, brick arched tunnels very similar to those under Heath St. What I had not expected was mountains of car parts piled up to such an extent I could only see a fraction of the place. Ever tried climbing over car parts and making no noise? It's impossible! I got a few average shots and managed to time my exit perfectly and escaped without incident.

Watch this space, I've got a taste for the place now!!