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Report - Glasgow Apollo May 1984


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This was Glasgow's principle rock venues between 1973 and 1985. It was demolished in 1989 after a fire while standing empty. Built as a super cinema in 1928 it was basically not maintained, particularly after the lease changed hands in 1978. As a touring Rock and roll lighting designer I visited there several times. These photos were taken on my last visit with Ultravox Set Movements Tour. Basically the upper floors were somewhat barricaded off from the locations you needed to get to to rig lighting. I headed off into this area with my trusty Olympus XA range finder compact for around three quarters of an hour when I wouldn't be missed.

This was the first door I came across


Beyond was evidence that this had been the publicity office judging by the old posters and flyers.


And a different take on the lonely chair shot:)


There were other office areas down the corridor


Really don't remember what all the papers said


But this sign seemed a bit out of place


I also found what had been a maintenance area


There were many other interesting things there but back then photography was expensive and I really tried to take only shots that worked. Part of the building had been used to accommodate Poles during the war and there was one complete but very decayed bedroom on the stairs but I just couldn't get a decent shot. I also could not get pictures in the darker areas being hand held at 200ASA and no flash.

More explores to come!



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