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Report - Glasgow Central Station tunnels, Glasgow, February 2013


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Just like buses my posts all seem to come at once!

I wasn't quite sure whether to post here or on the underground thread, but as it was a railway tunnel I opted for here.

I know there are quite a few rumours about hidden streets underneath Glasgow Central Station, however having worked in these tunnels for the last few years, I can confirm that there are not! There is however a disused platform, directly behind the brick wall on your right as you come down the stairs on to the low level platform, and a warren of rooms over several floors between the high and low level, there is also a pretty big cavern underneath Glasgow Cross, where the old station used to be, although nothing much remains other than some old decorative columns caked in grime.

There are only a few photos but I hope to add further updates if people are wanting to see more of Glasgow's railway tunnels

A couple of shots of the disused platform


Looking back towards Glasgow Central

Looking towards Glasgow Cross

The handy street names to let you know what is above you

I know its not the usual kind of shot but I'm quite proud of this one so I hope you will indulge me

Thanks for looking


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