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Report - Glasgow Victoria Infirmary, Glasgow - 2019


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Wellllll, I have lurked in the background for ages and not posted much anywhere. So I suppose I should maybes start adding some stuff on here. from my 15 years of exploring. This will be the first of a few over the next few days. This was one from just recently.

A number of visits were made to this place. A fantastic Victorian era beauty of a hospital in the south side of Glasgow. A central block flanked by Nightingale Wards (which have been kept for conversion) and an A&E department. A lot of fun and games with security were had, along with cleaners and decommissioning contractors.

The site below, contains some interesting news on the development of the site into 400 homes.


The Plan - this is what the new homes will look like

A view from the top

The Wards

Link Corridor to the Nurses House

Into the darkness


Main Stairs


Blood Transfusion Centre

Wards piled fulll of equipment

Where the MRI used to be

Theatres - with working lights :D

Theatres used for staorage

Beautiful Windows

The link corridor noted above.... which is where it got interesting. We never knew but we were only two doors away from security when I took this photo.

I took this photo and as I clicked my tripod closed, we heard the security walkie talkie crackle into life just beyond that bend on the left. Suffice to say we bailed - very quickly

Enjoy the pics folks. Sadly the place is halfway through redevelopment now - the Nightingale wards have been retained as per my photo above. But the rest of the site is gone.



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I presume this is now not worth visiting? Looks like developments are well underway on googlemaps?

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Wow stunning shots. Fantastic place. You must be a super Ninja lol to get in here, Kudos :cool:


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Brilliant effort, love the photos. Walked past recently and it was very busy with site staff. I still fancy giving it a go, was there a lot of security around when you went?

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