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Report - Globe Engineering Ltd. St. Andrew's Dock - Hull - August 2014


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Globe Engineering Ltd. is a company that were highly known for ship repairs and construction when Hull's St. Andrew's Dock was in running order, since leaving this building in the late 80s/early 90s they relocated to a new premises in Leeds. (boo!)
This location has really gone downhill in recent years compared to the state of it in reports from 2009 that can be found on 28DL.

Anyway, onto my first report! I must apologise now for the lack of quality in the pictures, they were all taken on a phone camera as on our first exploration another 28DL user, Cory321, and I made the rookie mistake of forgetting to charge the camera batteries so it inevitably died after one or two snaps! :banghead :sad

The sign that can be seen from the Humber, not really much use anymore...

And around the other side, the not so readable 'Reserved Parking' sign.

As we entered the building it quickly became apparent that the majority(if not all) of the inside had been vandalised and there were some pretty old documents just lying around. They're as old as my Vespa which amused me slightly! :D

Who even uses landlines these days? ;) :cool

I didn't really get many pictures from the ground floor or second floor apart from this one which we felt was necessary to know seen as there had been multiple recent fires in the surrounding buildings!

It's so sad to see a once so vibrant and life-filled building reduced to this.. On the top floor we had to pass by this into further areas.

A skylight & additional light just past the 'Private' door and then a little snap showing the view from one of the windows!

Finally we have my most favourite picture from the whole exploration, as you walk up the stairs and reach the top floor you are met by some old metal ladders that are fixed onto the wall and seeing as this is the very top floor there must be only one place they could have lead... (Cory321 standing in the background admiring the view, oblivious to the fact I was taking a picture.) :hello
This was such an amazing view of the Humber!

As you can see the derelict building is just becoming more and more ruined and with the demolition of the surrounding buildings, even the listed Lord Line as it has now been declared unsafe, I would imagine that it will not stand for much longer.
JackTheLad out! :coat :brew


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Cheers guys, means a lot! Hopefully next time we go exploring we'll remember to charge the camera!


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28DL Full Member
If you want to do some mooching around there you best do it soon mate, it's all in the process of getting knocked down. :(:mad

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