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Report - GNER Warehouse - Derby - December 2006


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From recent reports I have read about this place and the photographs it looks completely trashed! Am wanting to go back for another look but don't want to get upset by the shoddy condition. Am actually quite cheesed off at the amount of fires there have been in here, it was a really beautiful building.

I used to hang out here doing photography a lot in 2006; at the time it was a junkies paradise boasting a high needle count in certain areas, especially near the trap door to the basement. The people I encountered there ranged from alchies who were actually pretty sound, kids who were obviously scared of me and would give me my space and dog walkers. I didn't actually encounter and other explorers, secca or police during these visits.

The main purpose of my visiting was for a university project, I was lucky enough to get a first for this and spent many an hour in the local history library researching. I do not think I have my original notes any more as have moved a lot since then and had to thin down on the artwork I have kept.

The camera I was operating was a lovely Centon 35mm which regrettably I sold a few years later; I would highly recommend this camera for beginners as it is fairly easy to operate and handles very nicely.

What I remember about this site is that it was one of the largest of it's kind and also had a train depot in the surrounding area which all belonged to the Great North Eastern Railway.

In the basement of this building (I did not access as was solo exploring mostly) they used to store large amounts of coal; there was also access via a large tunnel onsite which was apparently sealed a while back. It is possible that it is part of some garages which were under nearby railway arches under the old station.

The main ground floor of this building was used to store crated general goods and the upper floor was grain storage.

There was at one time a lot of crane equipment and hatches to move goods back and fourth; through the centre of this building there was two sets of track for train access. If I remember right there was a nearby boiler house still standing however I can not remember its use at the time.

When I visited I also did not access the offices as found the climb to be a little scary looking. In one corner of the building the floors had been divided up for use as office space and at one point someone had a small flat at the top of this block. Since its closure this building was partly used as offices for some time.

At the opposite end of the building there was a beautiful, tall spiral staircase up to the upper floor. I did not climb this as it had been detached at the top and had a tendency to roll around inside the circular area cut out for it.

In terms of graff there were some alright bits and some shit bits, nothing massively inspirational.

I am only posting a small selection of photographs, all but the external image I showed at a few exhibitions and have sold copies of.

I hope everyone enjoys these images but if you don't then no worries :)