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Report - Goathland ROC Post - (Yorkshire Group) - August 2010


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Ok a bit of history...
Was sold about 17 years ago to a man who owned a timber mill in york. Aparently, he is now in prison for murder, and the farmer says that in all the time since standown, the owner has never came to visit. It was put up for sale by Cundalls and went for pennies. I know that bit is true because i cross referenced the information with land registry :thumb

However this doesnt explain why subbrits 199 report showed it as locked, and now the padlocks are open? My battleship key actually worked on here but the top bit was to rusty to move.

That is from an ex observer and local farmer, (owner of the guard sheep).

He had no problem with me taking the canvas chairs for preservation, while next week im going to strip them down, sand, stain and varnish them. Shame the canvas' dont match but hey it looks more authentic.

For the record i also took a red jerry can and a pick axe. I have left a note down there with my details on, if the owner does come back, he can have them back straight away. The people in the cottages also have my number. Just so that is cleared up.

Its covered in bracken and was difficult to see but was the aircraft post that gave it away. Hasps took a while to get out. I drained the water out of the padlocks, yes there was loads, so hopefully they might be able to shut properly.

Loads of huge spiders. A dead mouse on the desk. And some really rotten ones in the corner :thumbd




Sump was full quite high up and i pumped a fair bit out. I think this may have been due to the tbar not being locked and the hatch slightly open.





On departure i pumped out the sump a fair bit, locked it on the tbar and put the padlocks through the hasps, hopefully that should keep the water and any pikies out.

Jack :)


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