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Report - Goldberg's Retail store- Glasgow


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This report will be a bit vague because it was our first visit to this location and im not sure of the name of the exact building we went in, Its located in the heart of the merchant city in Glasgow. the building next to it is Goldberg's Retail store. Anyone knows the name please let me know! :D

Went with my freind john, Cashcroft, and Karibou.

The place is still in use as a few cars appeared wile we were in.
This is only the first building and the only leather clothing shop as our exploring was cut short =/ we will probably be going back some time soon though!
The doors to 1 building.


Second building we never got in.






from the roof of the leather shop.




There were alot of safes in this building.



BORRIS! You now love him no choice.








The leather store:




Here is a video for everyone to enjoy :p The end bit is from the tunnels we went in aswell.

Hope you enjoy :)
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