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Report - Golfer's Retreat Country Club, USA September 2015


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Another one from my backlog.

This former country club was once part of a huge multinational company's assets and was used by their staff on a regular basis. It began to struggle a number of years ago and was sold off to another operator, who closed much of it down whilst continuing to run the huge golf course that adjoins the property. Parts of the complex were in use until around 2010 and have faired a lot better, but other than the golf course it is all now abandoned and the county has yet to decide what to do with the buildings, some of which are important historic structures.

This was one of those wonderful surprise locations, the kind that despite diligent research on my part before all my trips only the locals know about and is otherwise kept pretty quiet - as such it has suffered very little in the way of real vandalism despite being in a not very pleasant city. The sprawling club once housed a bowling alley, ballroom, roller rink, dance studios, an outdoor pool and an enormous theatre/sports hall/auditorium with one of the largest stages I've ever seen. The buildings were capped off by a beautifully wood-panelled admin building at the front which was the last building to close and is in much better condition.

Unfortunately my camera batteries ran out right at the end of the explore so I was unable to grab any photos of the outdoor pool or the exteriors of the buildings.

Thanks for looking :)