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Question - Good equipment?


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I need a decent camera, not too pricey but still decent where should I be looking? What is best for my money? Also what's a decent torch and tripod?


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28DL Full Member
Quick question also when do my posts stop getting monitored really annoying haha


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Scout about for a good Sony a2 or a3 camera, my local gash converters has a mint a390 for £130 I'm looking to swipe soonish. Something like an a200 is right up your alley by the sounds of it, lightweight is the way to go


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Oh you'll get a million different answers to this thread, the simple fact is there's no defining answer to your question. Everyone has a different opinion on this depending on what they do, what their budget is and what their priorities are.

For a camera, decide what's important. Do you want a smaller compact camera you can just slip in your pocket, or a larger SLR you can change the len's on and possible get more creative with? Will you be buying new or second hand? How much do you want to spend, contrary to some peoples opinion you needn't spend a fortune, ask @Styru .

For a torch, again do you want small pocket sized, or something larger? Head torch or hand held? There's lots of bargains to be had on e-bay and the like, they're not too bad some of those as well - ask @Wevsky he's got a small collection on the go. :D

Tripod will be dictated by the camera, if you get a small camera then get a small lightweight tripod @GAJ had a brilliant one which folded up real small. If you get a heavier camera, you'll need a better tripod. Sometimes you don't need a tripod, depends where you're going, clamps and other devices work wonders in certain places.

Do some research and find things you like the look of, then ask around and see if anyone has the items you're looking at and ask their opinions, it often works better than way round. :-)


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