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Report - Goodbye BOCM Barlby - November 2012


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I don't have lot of time to do exploring these days, and I've pretty much done most stuff within an hours drive from where I live, so I have been keeping an eye on the BOCM site at Barlby, because its not far from home, its a fascinating site, and its under demolition which always offers new opportunities for exploring and photos.

I had not visited the site for a few months, but popped by with my fellow explorers Claire and Len today, I was pretty saddened by what I found, although I was just about to climb though my normal access point (a small window) until I realised the entire other side of the building had been flattened!!

First up, the map:

The pattern store (left hand side in turquiose) totally flattened, and it had been inaccesible for some time so I was pretty fed up with this. The loading dock and electric sub station, (top left in yellow box), still there for the time being, the loading building (top right, yellow box) totally flattened, all the small buildings around the great hall (bottom right, yellow box) flattened, the great hall (bottom right, yellow box) still standing, but should be gone in a few weeks if as long as that), the large mills in the green box flattened, boiler house, top right, red box), still standing.

Here is the great hall, standing all on its own, waiting for the demo team:


The large flywheel and steam turbine are still in place, which to me means they will be scrapped along with the rest of it all:mad

Building exposed:



Here I am, atop a bit of machinery:

Still some interesting stuff though:


Secca walked around for a while so we had to be quiet, which was difficult for some! He soon buggered off though:thumb


In the words of Jim Morrison:
"This is the end, beautiful friend, this is the end, my only friend, the end




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I worked there, thats the extraction house. The main turbine was other side of the rails..it went,along with the shunter to museums