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Report - - Goodyear Tyre Factory, Wolverhampton - 23/03/08 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Goodyear Tyre Factory, Wolverhampton - 23/03/08

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28DL Full Member
Visited with dweeb

We'd checked out Goodyear a week or so ago after hearing that demolition was well underway. The clocktower was great in the dark, but it deserved to be visited in the daytime to get the pics that would show it's true beauty.

The thing that really struck us was how much of the site has gone already. The part left standing is all at one side of "Central Avenue". There was as much again that had already been demolished and completely cleared away. You can kind of see from this pic

The remaining site is a bit weird, the power is on and there are forklifts running about, computers switched on, materials with recent delivery dates stacked all over. Not quite as closed as the view from outside makes you think!


Anyway we managed to see the clock again, although the bright light of day made it clear that the steps up were rotten as a pear, which was nice! Also managed to get to the base of the famous chimney. A great Sunday afternoon, made even better by the pikies outside running for their lives when they thought we were security!