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Report - Goole Goods Yard, May 2015

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Goole Railway Goods Yard


Warning, if Lamps and Rails don't do it for you, look away now... :yawn :D

Afternoon all, spent an hour or so having a wander around what remains of Goole Goods Yard yesterday evening, there's not a lot to see here and I was sort of dithering about whether or not to share this on the forum as a report. I've decided I'd might as well, it's another place covered and documented at the end of the day isn't it?

I was hoping I'd find a little more left than I did in all honesty, as a kid I remember passing this place daily, it used to be rammed with old wagons and the little 08 shunter could be seen going about it's business sorting wagons on to trains, sadly today though, most of the rails have been removed and the shunter and wagons are nowhere to be seen...


There's not an awful lot of history behind this one, but here's what I found...

The yard was constructed by the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway in the 1860's to serve traffic heading in and out of the port of Goole, before the railway most of the traffic arrived into the port via the Aire & Calder Navigation Canal. It didn't take long for the much quicker and efficient trains to out do the old barges and steal most of the traffic though.

In the 1920's the London Midland Railway took control of the Yard and railways into Goole, until 1948 when the British Railways Board took control. Goole remained an important and busy port until the late 1970's early 80's when traffic declined, the yard soon became derelict and overgrown, used mainly for the storage of surplus rolling stock rather than the sorting of trains. In 2001 the Yard had most the rails pulled up and the stored rolling stock cut up on site. A head shunt remains in place today for the use of occasional Steel trains that visit the port.


The famous 'Salt and Pepper' water towers at Goole can be seen in the top right, below can be seen the remains of Goole North Yard, point work can still be seen in place here.


The slightly more interesting south yard can be seen here, and it's this part that I explored yesterday evening...

As it was...




Let's have a look around then...

The 3 small brick buildings you can see in the B&W photo still remain, all be them trashed and empty...



Armitage bricks...


A look at the remaining track work...



Heading into the Port...




So there it is, not the most exciting report ever, but another place ticked off the list...

Cheers for reading!
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Love the danger sign on your last pic. You have some nice pics there (its not always about huge factories full of machinery etc etc) thanks for posting this.

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