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Report - Gorton Falls, Manchester - March 2010


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Gorton Falls - Visited By Ojay & Stepping Lightly.

This is a culverted section of the Gore Brook that runs all the way from the resi just off the motorway upstream.

Been wanting to look at this for a while now, so decided to cram it in before another epic night of exploring.

After wadering up in one of the most sketch areas of Manc. we arrived at the access point which was a bit of a squeeze to say the least, and if that wasn't bad enough climbing down the most corroded ladder I have ever seen, where the rungs were needle thin and quite a few missing.

Gorton Falls consists of 3 long tiered levels of RBP, with 3 'Falls' a Sump at the bottom and a rather interesting Syphon and lastly the 4th section of RCP which carries on Upstream to the reservoir.

Once inside the 'Chamber' there was the first of 3 'Falls' to the left looking upstream, and looking to the right downstream the Brook disappeared into a large sump.


The air quality was real poor down here and also made taking photo's difficult due to the mist that made lighting a real nightmare, so apologies in advance for the quality.

It was quite a bit of a mooch upstream to see all 3 'Falls' but well worth it, just need a pair of new lungs required now LOL.

As we climbed the first ladder up the first of 3 'Falls' we entered into about a 10ft RBP, which is mainly straight with a slight bend, you can hear a real roar now as we approach a second bend to the left as we arrived at the 2nd lot of 'Falls'. This was quite a spectacular sight, but proved very difficult to photograph due to the misty air around.

RBP Upstream

RBP Bends

2nd 'Falls'


Looking Downstream


After climbing more ladders we then carried on for quite a walk further upstream, with the levels getting deeper and bending again to the left we finally reached a larger 'Chamber' with the 3rd 'Falls' just ahead and another CSO outfall to the right. On the way there was a variety of roots from above plantlife breaking through for a drink.

'It's Just A Bend To The Left'

'It's Alive'


3rd 'Falls'

CSO Into Larger 'Chamber'

Looking Up The CSO

Looking Out Of The CSO


Looking Downstream From The Top Of '3rd Falls'


After climbing up more corroded ladders we were now in the 4th section which was RCP and carries on a long way upstream to the nearby reservoir.


After exiting the system we then headed downstream to the 'Syphon' which was definately unique and like nothing I had seen before.


All in all a good little mooch in another of Mancs drains, Thanks For Looking :thumb



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Very nice pics but it looks very shitty down there!


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Drain scared the shit outta me the first time i did it... i was 3 minutes short of being sealed in when a UU van appeared to measure the reservoir levels. I was taking my waders off nearby and the bloke put two n two together and asked for his nuts back lol.

FYI, it shrinks to a 4fter then gets blocked with silt. Nice to see to toilet paper cocooned ladders again lol.

Its terdy most of the time, not hugely, but enough to warrant the Sewerfresh stamp of approval.
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