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Report - Gorton Falls Re Re-visited March 2011.


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Gorton Falls - (The Wet & Wild Walkthrough)

MJS has been talking of coming over to Manc for sometime now to see some of it's brick drains & sewers. Finally he managed to find a few hours away from his studies and fly over to Gunchester for a mooch

The weather seemed fine so we jibbed over to Gorton for another look at the falls. We got some odd looks as we wadered up in the ghetto before heading over to the Outfall. It was a cold night, but dry...

Despite me warning MJ about the 'Ladder Of Doom', the look on his face was pricless as he peered down :D


We were soon inside and it was slightly deeper than normal, but tbh the only thing ever on my mind at this point is not to go sliding down the 20 foot chute on the left which leads to a deadly sump before the syphon!

We headed upstream and worked our way back this time around, taking pict0rs along the way.

Amongst the boring RCP and plantlife, there is only this interesting junction at the top end



As we headed back downstream we eventually came to the smaller of the falls


The next stretch of pipe is filled with thirsty plantation from above, a bit of effort is required here to pass through

Roots Manuva



There are a number of potential exit points via manholes along the way, all of which are impossibly sealed with age


We continued downstream until eventually we could here the roar of the larger of the 2 falls... Infact looking back it was much louder than when we entered?

As we got closer the flow seemed faster, and as I stood near the edge I was nearly dragged over with the sheer velocity, this wasn't right :eek:


I climbed down first and was nearly forced off the ladder by the immense flowage. It must be raining real hard, as the water was now bouncing off the walls of the chamber and was flowing like some wild river rapids

We only had a short walk to the next chamber so decided to GTFO as the conditions seemed to worsen. I attempted to take another pic, but besides my tripod being washed away, water was spraying all over the lens, so I gave up

Luckily MJS managed to grab a quickie before his lens recieved a showering...


As we approached our entry/exit point the water levels had risen, I quickly peered down the syphon Infall and attempted a quick shot, but the flow was treacherous and I couldn't steady the camera properly...

...All I managed was this out of focus pic


Without further a do up, the 'Ladder Of Doom' we went and back out, where indeed it was pissing down, although we welcomed the shelter of the Arch for a moment


We could hear the roar from the syphon even before we were close. Down the muddy bank we went to get a few shots.

The syphon is essentially the Outfall, water is forced up from the deadly sump below - This is where you would end up being spat out if you slipped off the 'Ladder Of Doom'


"Maybe a rain check would have been a good idea!!"


Fray me a bentos....


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