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Report - Govan Dry Docks, Glasgow

HorZa IX

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28DL Full Member
First report, although not my first exploration.

The dry docks, once part of Govan's shipbuilding history, now lie completely abandoned. Most have been filled in over the years, with flats now sitting on the birth places of many a ship. These are 3 which remain intact close to the Glasgow Science Centre. There is only one building which remains standing, however it is basically a hollow shell.



The docks seem to collect footballs as much as they do water. These were just 3 of many that I saw floating around.

Inside the remaining building. There were 4 circular holes covered over, however I have no idea what they were for.


This pit is situated right next to one of the docks and is below the water line. How it has not collected more water I don't know. The remnants of the machinery it once housed can just about be seen.

Access point to the floor of the dry docks, now submerged.

Someone's pride and joy driven over the edge of the street above and torched below.

Thanks for looking!

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