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Report - Grain Farm, Inchture November 2019


grumpy sod
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Myself and @Brewtal stumbled across this large grain farm near Dundee by accident whilst heading to somewhere else nearby - after we'd finished there we popped back to see what was what, as you do. You never know what these places might hold so it's always worth checking them out.

I checked the plate on the back of the horsebox trailer whilst there and found the tow vehicle's tax ran out in 2010, so presumably that is when the rest of the site was vacated. There are a few huge barns (two of which were locked tight), four huge grain silos and various other buildings some of which look ex-military in origin, certainly not your standard farm building fare - it is close to Errol airfield so that might tie it in with that place.

It was actually a pretty enjoyable relaxed wander around for an hour or so on a thoroughly miserable rainy grey day, and had some nice spots of decay hidden amongst the buildings.

Thanks for looking :)

Calamity Jane

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Got to check everything, you just never know. Some lovely shot, decay and machines. Liked it, :thumb

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