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Report - Grain Fort, Kent. April 2014


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Nothing overly exciting but because of historical value still worth mentioning.

Some history:

Grain Fort was built in the 1860s on the eastern end of the Hoo peninsula to control the entrance to the Medway, Kent, England.
All surface structures were demolished in the 1960s, so all that remains are underground passages.
Nearby is the 1855 Grain Tower Battery, an extensively remodelled East Coast type Martello Tower.

Grain Tower was completed in 1855 and is similar to the earlier east coast Martello Towers being externally roughly circular but flattened on the east and north west sides; internally however it is completely circular. The tower has a slight taper towards the top. Externally it is built of granite blocks while inside the construction is of brick. As with the early Martello Towers, a central circular pillar rises from ground floor level to a vaulted ceiling above the first floor. The entrance is at first floor level with a doorway set into the north west side of the tower with a date stone of 1855 above the lintel.



Me and Pinkman visited the site in April. It was a nice and sunny day but we had to wait till the tides go away, otherwise there is no chance to get to the tower without a boat :) The path towards is bricked but obviously really muddy, don't recommend trying without the proper boots on. Saying that I was not prepared and had to be carried by Pinkman at few points.


Once you get close you will find a ladder. It looks quite dodgy but it's safe to climb. Then you can follow the stairs to walk about. There's not really much inside but the view from the top is beautiful.







All photos by Pinkman. Too bad we didn't take more. If you around the area have a go.
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Re: Grain Fort, Kent

As with Cliffe fort, the beauty in this place is in the architecture.
It's so old that there isn't going to be much left lying around.


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Yeah, I think maximum waiting time would be about 7h. Perfect for little drink and food session :)