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Report - Grain Silo, Gdansk, Poland, JUN 2009

kevin arnold

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No history on that one. I was looking for a bunker I'd read about on the internet and next to it I found a huge abandoned grain silo. Later I couldn't find any info about it on the internet and none of my friends knew anything about it. It's located in a remote area of Gdansk called Stogi. Northern part of Stogi is just wilderness, sandy beaches and industrial facilities.

Looks like it was never finished. All the fences around it had been pulled down, security guard hut was completely overgrown by bushes and for two hours I didn't see a single living person anywhere around.

There's a funny concrete labyrinth in front of it made of these L-shaped elements.


No doors in any of the silos


But inside there's only this sloping ceiling. Seems like silos on both sides are connected with the middle ones.


In front of it there's an artificial pool with concrete walkways across it.



Below the ground level, under the silos.


There's a row of funnels, it's one funnel per 3 silos.


And there's a staircase on the side of it.


It was a bit of a disappointment though. I left it as the last thing to do thinking it would be the best. But as I got to the last floor I realized what the funny "small steps" I saw next to the staircase were. It was the last two segments of it that had been removed to make it impossible to get on top of the silo.


Great shame because when I was looking earlier through the hole in that red funnel I could see there were walkways across the top of the silo. But great exploration anyway. The whole place looks like the remains of some lost civilization.

Last thing that I found as I was leaving. It says "ACCESS FORBIDDEN".


And nearby I found the bunker I was originally looking for:



Not much fun inside though...


On the roof.



Next to it is another one that looks even better. I was heading for it when two security cars arrived. It turned out the whole area was part of the Northern Port of Gdansk and they told me to leave but generally were nice. As I got to the nearest junction in front of me I saw a huge derelict tower of (as I found out later) sulfur processing plant. I couldn't believe my luck.

Watch out for more reports from Stogi :)