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Report - Grampian Dawn and Grampian Princess Fishing Trawlers - Ipswich - May 2011


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I've had my eye on this pair for a number of years but the one time i got onto the pier they are moored at the tide was well in and the pair were floating too far away from the ladders to get on board. After that i forgot about them for a while until Dave and Joe asked if i had been down to have a look. Explaining the predicament they recommended i go back and have another go. Dweeb was also keen so we picked a ultra low tide and had another pop.

The trawlers are in a bad way nowadays but its not very often you get to see ships like these in person so it made for an interesting hours mooching.

Ships details: The "Grampian Dawn" formerly "Ben Strome" has a tonnage of 272GRT, 89NRT, is 37.9 metres long, 7.75 metres in beam, and has a 3.18 metre draft. She was built in 1962 by John Lewis & Sons of Aberdeen, yard number 318, and registered to North Star Shipping, owned by George Craig & Sons. She was converted into a side trawler in 1980 and classed until 15/7/83 before becoming a motor standby safety vessel - pollution control, in her role as a rig support ship.

The "Grampian Princess" formerly "Linden Lea" was built in the same yard in 1960, number 292 and had the same owners. Based in Aberdeen she served as a trawler until the 1980’s when she was converted to a Standby Rescue Ship to serve the offshore oil industry. 37 metre all steel strengthened hull. 280 GRT, Mirrlees Bickerton main engine, turbocharged intercooled 712 HP @ 200 RPM, single screw, Bridge & engine room controlled. Gardner auxiliary engines producing AC/DC, 40 days plus range. Average speed 10/12 knots on approximately 2 tons per day. 15 person accommodation. Fitted with a 2 ton crane and custom fitted hold this vessel would be suitable for diving or a multitude of other uses.

Official Documents: m.v. GRAMPIAN PRINCES (ex LINDEN LEA) Call Sign M C V U Built: 1960 John Lewis – Aberdeen L.O.A: 127ft (39 metres) Regd. length: 121ft B.P: 118.5ft Breadth: 25.65ft Depth (moulded): 12.75ft GRT: 280.73t NRT: 95t Displacement: 492.5t Main Engine: Mirrlees “K†type 6 Cylinder 712hp @ 200 revs Direct acting Computerised Bridge control driving 4-blade fixed pitch propeller Winch Engine: Mirrlees TLA 5 Cylinder 262hp Generator 143KW Generators: 2 x Gardner 3 LW 20KW 220v DC 1 x Gardner 6 LW 25KW 220v DC Hold Capacity: Length – 29.8ft Width – 24ft Depth – 11.02ft Volume 283 cu yards (219 cu m). Tank Capacity:- Fuel Oil - Port – 23.92t Starboard – 23.92t Daily Service Tank – 1t. Fresh Water: Double Bottoms – 14.46t plus reserve – 8.75t Lube Oil: 285 galls. E&OE Lying Ipswich, Suffolk. In February 2003 you could purchase the vessel via E-Bay for £ 20.000....

Both vessels have Mirrlees 712 BHP engines, and whilst the ancillory engines and generators are reasonable, neither ship has turned a propeller since legislation over 10 years ago put them out of service. Therefore they were towed from London to Ipswich Docks