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Report - Grampian Poultry Factory, Attleborough


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I've been up to Grampians multiple times, and have explored pretty much all of the (significantly big) site. A lot of it is very derelict, with ceilings that have fallen through and random rubbish and abandoned furniture thrown all over the site (there's often gypsies camped out on the the open ground behind the main buildings in the summer who tend to leave a lot of trash behind when they leave), but there's some fairly well preserved rooms on the upper levels and loads of machinery left behind. The stairwell in the tower is no longer there but you can get up there via the rooftops (although they aren't the most stable so it can be a bit sketchy), and there's some awesome graffiti around the place. One small complex caught fire at some point and is pretty blackened and melted, but the rest of the site seems undamaged. Definitely worth a visit as there's some cool little rooms and stuff if you look around a bit.
P.S. if there are travelers there, it's best to just not bother entering, as me and some friends decided to try once and ended up getting chased out by their dogs.
Also, apologies if some of the photos are blurry or or badly taken, a lot are from a while ago when all I had was a slightly crappy phone and when I was pretty useless at taking photos.

Grampian Foods was (and still is) a massive manufacturer and supplier to supermarkets. This factory was for producing breaded chicken, which the company produced alongside other meat products. After a fall in sales in 2007, the factory ended up closing in February 2008, causing the loss of >300 jobs.










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Those roofs are a quick express route to the floor below.

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