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Granaholt Stables, Reykjavik Iceland, May 2018

Torch the porch monkey

Urbex monkey
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hi all.

it's ya boi torch, back from 'sploring the land of ice & Fire.

during my 20km trek across Iceland I stumbled across this beauty just before I set up camp for the night at a river on the over side of the hill.
Unfortunately I couldn't find anything on this place so if anyone has anything concrete on this place do share, but my best guess is:

Given its location and proximity to similar sites I saw along the way it was more than likely used for the horseback "tours" of the mountains just behind where this is located.
The surrounding area is under construction and is being used to build deluxe apartments, many of which are still being or are already built on either side of the stables, so I'd assume this site has been vacated to make way for more apartments

anywhore, here's the pics ( BTW if they look kinda shitty it was because it was a spare of the moment stop and I was trying to make my phone battery last :()

External Shots
EXternal 1.jpg

External 2.jpg

extrnl 3.jpg

Interior shots


horse shoes.jpg





Hard to tell, in some cases, if remnants of previous owner or just random passers by using it for shelter but this place felt lived in.


There was also a lot of ketamine and discarded syringes dotted across the place, though I have no photographic evidence trust me it was there.
In retrospect all the ket could be justified as its a stable, but still....

Anywhore, thanks for stopping by.