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Report - Grane Road Mill Remains (Haslingden, Lancashire, Jan, 2021)


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I’d noticed this mill was looking a bit run-down when I was doing the Swinnel Brook culverts in Haslingden.

Since I was still staying near Burnley at the time the latest lockdown was announced, I drove past while heading back to Liverpool.

Too late - the central section (weaving shed) had apparently burnt down the day before and there were still several fire engines parked outside.

But all was not lost - many of the buildings surrounding the shed still seemed to be there so I waited until most of the fire crew had gone and did a quick circuit of what was left.

Which wasn’t much - mostly damp, empty workshop type rooms and offices.

The most interesting bit was a section with enormous cobwebs which looked like it had been closed since the 70’s, probably only opened up by the firefighters.

Very brief history. A cotton mill called Waterfoot Mill is shown at this location in 1844, the name changing to Grane Road Mill from 1891 onwards.

The last inhabitants were J H Birtwistle & Co Ltd, a textile company who were finally dissolved in Oct 2020.

The external is an old Google streetview.

The most recent steetview from May 2021 shows everything demolished except the outer walls, so this may be the first, and last, post on this mill.
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