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Report - Grangewood care home, Kelvedon June 2017


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Grangewood residential care home History Grangewood residential care home in Kelvedon is a 1960s building that currently houses 15 adults with complex support needs and learning disabilities. New plans have been drawn up and put in place to redevelop the site last year, but have now been withdrawn by Braintree council. The home sits slightly off the road opposite the post office.The site itself consists of two, grade 2 listed residential houses at the front of the site facing the high street, known as the Grange and Rose Cottage. behind both cottages sits another residential complex built in the 1960's to house more residents as the other cottages were full. the Complex behind the cottages is a bungalow style building all on one level without any stairs, as it is was for people with physical and learning difficulties. The reason for its closing, it was deemed to be outdated. It has now been brought and is soon to be demolished for housing I think.

The explore
Living locally I must have driven past a 100 times and not even paid any attention until I saw the heras fencing go up. realising it must be derelict, so I decided to keep an eye on it to see if anything changed, then noticing that the fencing was down we arranged an explore ASAP. All met on sunday morning nice and early we were rumbled by al old lady who seemed to be watching us as we got out of our cars. Not thinking much of it we waited until she went back inside and then walked right in as kids had obviously got in before and smashed the doors off their hinges. BOOM straight in first room was the kitchen/food prep room.


Then the main part of the building or what seemed like it maybe lounge/dining room.






Lots of knick knacks lying around in this place.

Then what looked like the main kitchen with all the big appliances in.







The sad thing about explores like this is that the places are still filled with personal belongings, and all the equipment that's just been left to rot away.


After getting more into the explore, we realised the place was much bigger than first expected . Starting to find personal cards,pictures and letter in the different rooms. The place was like a maze, it was hard to decide what to take pictures of first.


The trail of pool balls.



Unfortunately we didnt manage to get the chance to look round the whole site as i took this last picture in the other room we could hear one of our mates chatting carrying on assuming he was on the phone we then realised he wasnt and it must be security or someone telling him to leave. Then after coming round the corner we found him to be with 5 police officers that were looking for us also. SO we decided we werent going to run and just explained we did this as our hobby and werent causing a problem just taking pictures.They didn't seem very happy about this and told us we were going to be searched for any items that could be used for burglary. So after having a pat down and bag search. we were asked to leave so we had to go and were escorted out by the 5 officers. Not realising there was a live streaming camera that had picked us up on the way in. It sucked that we couldn't finish our explore but were glad not to be nicked, so off we went on our merry way to our next location of the day.

Thanks that is all :):thumb