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Report - Grantham Underground Reservoir - Grantham, Lincs [Nov 2015]


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So it's only taken my 9 months to get around to posting a report for this place. The first I heard of this reservoir was HughieD's report popping up while browsing the forum. Being at uni in Lincoln at the time, and having just bought a car, I decided I needed to see this for myself. Rather than ask for information, I hit the maps and eventually managed to locate it.

There isn't a whole lot of history on this place, but it was built for the Grantham Water Company to provide water for the town of Grantham. It's located on a hill so that the water would be fed by gravity. The Grantham Water Company was formed in 1855, and this reservoir appears on maps as early as 1886.

It seems this reservoir is separated into two sections, but only one side was accessible. What I believe to be the other section of this reservoir was posted here in 2007. The entrance of this section appeared to be sealed with concrete. (enter Bazoo...) It's a nice little Victorian reservoir, but there wasn't a whole lot down there. Some pics are a little funny looking as my light painting technique wasn't great back then :thumb (I've improved now... honest :p )










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Thanks guys. I don't know why I never posted this in the first place, I'm usually a little hesitant to post a report unless I have some decent content... but in this case I did :confused:

Also for anyone wondering about my bazoo comment:


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Excellent photos here mate, I'ts a great place to photograp;
But I'm really impressed you found this all by yourself


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I've only just clicked but you are right - the report from 2007 is from a different side of the reservoir. The floor on the 2007 report is gently curved and all the arches between the chambers have a low curved wall at the bottom. Good spot @elhomer12

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