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Report - Grantham Water Company

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
My son, Jakob is the reason for this exploration, he discovered this hole and wanted to know whats down it.

Many thanks to Tims and Access for meeting the newbie from Grantham, I've had alot to say but done very little exploration, however tonight this changed.

After getting the text "we're in a red car at Mcdonalds in the car park"
and smiling and noding at the wrong red car, looking like I was out dogging, I finally met with Tims and Access, after a short walk up Spittlegate Level we arrived at the site.

Mr Arthur Hutchinson, J.P., V.D., of St Peter's Hill, Grantham, is the youngest son of the late Simon Hutchinson, of Manthorpe Lodge, Grantham, where he was born on April 6th, 1855, receiving his education at Grantham and Repton schools. He was a director of Mowbray and Company, Ltd, Grantham Gas Company, and Grantham Water Company which was formed in 1849.

This site was the old underground reservior, at the top of the hill using gravity to feed this growing market town.


After a tight squeeze down the hole, tighter for one than the other two of us we dropped into the chamber.


Working with these two seasoned explorers, with fantastic perseptions of light usage and great kit was a great insight into what i've been missing for so long.

I'll let my first real post and set of photos say the rest.











Once again thanks guys and I look forward to visiting other sites if you'll have be tagging along again.