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Report - Gravesend hospital , Maternity block: Kent; April 18

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Gravesend Hospital, M block.

Beginning 1854

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Gravesend hospital first opened in 1854. The site was donated by Lord Darnley, Darnley road in Gravesend town still exists. By 1863 the small infirmary had 15 beds. The Infirmary was known as Gravesend hospital. In 1880 Duchess Darnley opened a childrens` ward alongside the 15 bed adult infirmary. By 1888 the hospital started to extend and two more circular wards added. These were called Russell wards and being circular with 4 beds each side, this allowed a nurse to sit in the middle and watch other patients. Russell ward was named after the benefactor Mr Russells wife, he was the local brewery master. This now took the total to 32 beds.

In 1895 and again in 1905 the hospital extended to have 75 beds. The cost of this was around £7000
During WW1 the hospital was affiliated with Chatham hospital and had many French wounded patients. Between 1926 & 1928 council meeting were held and it was decide that the hospital was now in need to mass extension, costing a massive £60,000 . So in 1930 it was extended again to house 107 beds and 9 cots.

By 1945 the hospital found its beds in constant use and in need of massive expansion again, the hospital had become dilapidated and concrete could be seen more than the flooring. From 1946 to 1965 the hospital was extended and refurbished. New operating theatres opened in 1966. But still it was not big enough.

A new wing opened in 1971. It had cost £734,000 and contained a a general medical unit and a Maternity Department with 50 beds and 6 cots in the Special Baby Care Unit. But by 1986 its future had become insecure and was due to close. Edwina Currey attended the hospital as a protest was launched and 40, 000 signatures handed to her.

In 1997 a minor injuries unit opened the opposite side of the road to the main hospital. But with the looming of the Darenth Valley Hospital being built is was only a matter of time before most services were moved to the New hospital at Dartford.
The main hospital closed in 2004 with some treatments moving to M unit. Until that too finally closed in 2006. Not widely known that for 2 years from 2004 to 2006 M block was used as a mental unit.

The end 2006


My Explore

This explore was an impulse one. I had it one my radar since it closed, so a lot of years. But stories of security, and sealing, put me off. However at this time I was already in the area, camera and lens in tow. So trotted over to try my luck. Two of my children were born here, one was saved by this hospital in its special care unit until the hospital could arrange a transfer to Chatham as my baby was born at 28 weeks. They kept her breathing for the 12 hours needed to get the transfer done. This hospital was always going to be a special one to me, no matter what the state of it. I nearly died and was literally karated chopped in neck here and taken to theatre to stop blood loss, so this hospital saved two lifes in 1990.
Well less of my sentimental crap, and onto the explore, at first sight it seemed tightly sealed. But wheres there a will as they say.

So from bottom to top: The Photos.

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Thanks for reading/viewing C.J

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Good report that one C.J and one close to you for obvious reasons, that roof top looks cracking! Thanks for sharing.

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Good report that one C.J and one close to you for obvious reasons, that roof top looks cracking! Thanks for sharing.
Thanks BT , the roof is so tranquil and the water either side of the walk way is just fascinating, and the view of the town one side and Tilbury the other side :D