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Report - Great Ayton ROC post - June 2015


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Great Ayton ROC Post

My first ROC post visit in a few months,

The last report I can find on Great Ayton was from @Krypton in 2011, Report, when the post was accessible, but very damp.

As of earlier this month however, the post is filled in with rubble within a couple foot from the top.

The post compound is also extremely overgrown.

Pictures taken with my mobile phone.



Thanks for looking :thumb


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Seeing a post in this state is always a shame. But I hope they saved any remaining artefacts which were salvageable before filling it in, so the history isn't trapped down there. Maybe even donate them to a museum so people can see them!


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There was not a great deal down there and nothing was really salvageable. This was the master post to my restored post museum at Chop Gate so I was quite keen to salvage anything but it was too damp and mouldy to even consider - it's not good taking mould underground.

The only thing I was remotely interested in preserving was the hand made post sign but it had either fell into the water or someone had nicked it.

Even during operational days this post was prone to flooding and was continuously damp so it's no surprise at how flooded it got.


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28DL Full Member
Ah i see, I guess after 4 years since your last visit even less could be preserved. All that remains is the 'mind your head and back' sign and the locking mechanism, which I was quite surprised to see actually, considering the general condition of the post.

The last few posts I've visited have been open, flooded and/or fire damaged. Even my local at Great W' is missing it's locking mech. It's definitely becoming rarer to see lockable posts around here, sadly. Although the English locks don't offer much of a challenge to people set on destruction though! :(