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Report - Great Northern Railway Bonded Warehouse Derby October 2014


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Well today I decide go out again first building I wantend exploer and photography could not due to face I need ladder gain access well at first do not sucside go find another building so weather was still good I went to Great Northern Railway Bonded Warehouse in Derby.
I went around building find best way for me access as I am only 5.6 so I found hole in ground which led me into building I came out looking like mole covered in mud but was fun
The former Great Northern Railway Bonded Warehouse in friargate was constructed in the 1880’s this building was originally used as a goods warehouse with trains entering from the western end of the building.

The whole building was constructed on a man-made hill with a tunnel underneath the hill leading out to the street below. The street level entrance has since been blocked.

The curved shape off the front of the building is the north eastern “featureâ€￾ corner which was curved as it was visible to the general public from the railway station which was nearby. The main warehouse area was two storeys high and at the eastern end there were three floors of offices, at one time the top floor was the residence of the Goods manager.

The railway line closed in 1968; this building was later occupied by the Derby Roofing and Flooring Company before being abandoned to the graffiti artists and drug addicts. Despite being a protected Grade 2 listed building this building has recently fallen into a serious state of disrepair.














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28DL Full Member
Yes I did see the other entrance option but due too my height I was no comfortable going for that option as would struggled lowing myself in safely and if I had slip it was long drop