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Report - Great Northern Tower - Manchester - June 2018


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Great Northern Tower Rooftop

So about a week ago me and a friend ventured into Manchester in search for a good day of roof topping. We managed to get on top of some small apartments but due to the weather and the view it wasn't worth taking many pictures. We tried to get on top of the Premier Inn but sadly when we got to the top floor all roof access doors were locked and we just weren't lucky. Anyway at the end of the day we got lucky with the Great Northern Tower Apartments. Let me explain a bit about them first.

These apartments have key fob access doors. There is one way in off the main street which involves the main door, passing the reception and then another key fob access door round the corner. The building is just apartments in 3 blocks (although these 3 blocks are all connected and are one building they just each use different lifts and stairwells. Below is a picture of the building (only picture I'm using not taken by me) to show you what this building looks like.

We stood across the street from the main entrance and just when were about to walk away someone went to open the door. We walked across towards the door (and didn't run as it would look suspicious) the person had gone in now and the door was closing. We were going to miss it. Someone then came from our left who was a tenant and opened the door. It was the perfect situation as we arrived just behind them and they opened then held all doors for us. We were in!

We passed down a long corridor (pictured below) and then realized the lifts were also key fobbed. So we took the stairs.


Once at the top of the stairs, which took a while, we found a ladder with the usual "Don't Climb" wooden board attached to the base of it. Basically in this case it wasn't an issue as we could put our feet on the runners from behind the ladder instead of in front. We then pulled ourselves up on the ladder cage and opened the unlocked trap door above us. We were then basically in a metal cage with one door. We went towards the door, praying it wasn't locked. My friend gave it a push and it didn't open. Out of frustration he gave it another much bigger push and it opened. We were greeted by a small ledge that looked over the city. I immediately took my camera out and snapped away. Overall it was a successful day. Below are the pictures taken and below those is the video I made of the day we did this containing the climb. Enjoy!





And here is the video from the day -

Thanks for reading!


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Really nice. And good roof. Sorry you did not get prem that's nice also. But always another day.. good stuff

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