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Report - Great Whittington ROC Post - Northumberland - April 2016


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Great Whittington ROC Post

Opened 1962
Closed 1991
Master Post

This is probably the nearest surviving post to where I live, situated on the Barbarian side of Hadrian's Wall. Since my first visit in 2011 when there was plenty of bits and bobs remaining, It's been somewhat stripped since then but it is still quite a decent, bone-dry post, despite being open with the lid only being kept down by the hasps.


Some graffiti on the walls from this year.

There was a note left in April 2013 saying that the site would be "converted into a service reservoir" and that they would advise that any belongings to be removed because the "site will be secured within the next 12 months". As yet, that hasn't happened. Although, the original post fence and gate have been replaced with a modern fence since then.

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Glad to hear it's still there.
Me and my pal stayed over one night years ago just to get the 'feel'.


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I was here around March 2019, place looks basically the same then as it dones on your report which is great, one thing that had us confused though there was a bag of sandwiches on the table which weren’t mouldy and my mate was there 2 days earlier and said they weren’t there then!


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myself and a friend visited this time last year, (we were visiting most in the north east at the time) looked fairly similar to your photos, however, as mentioned above, there was almost a "lived in" feel to it with certain items left out etc.