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Report - Great Whittington ROC Post, Northumberland, September 2014


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Great Whittington ROC post, Northumberland.​

Having never visited a ROC post before, I was really interested to go here (big thanks to Dave the 'Man With The Maps', as I would never have found this place without his directions!)
The post opened in June 1962 and closed in 1991. I was really surprised about the condition of it to be honest. I think I was expecting it to be damp, full of creepy crawly-type things, but it was clean and dry.
Ive heard of a lot of ROC posts being filled in / flooded, so I think I was very spoilt for my first visit to one! Photos are really poor, so apologies for that, I seriously need lessons in “how to take a pic in the darkâ€￾, but hopefully you can still make out some things. Visited with Dave and Sed, cheers guys.















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Really like these posts. In all fairness, this one is a bloody minter compared with my local one. Thanks for sharing :thumb


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Yeah, I thought the one round my way was in good nick... That's in amazing shape!


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Looks great down there, half expect to see a shot of the cover and nothing else when these pop up. Photos look good to me, nice one :thumb


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Thanks guys,
Yes I guess i was really spoilt considering it was my first ROC visit. I can imagine not all of them are like this!


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Your pics are fine Cat you have captured it well. Glad you liked it mind thats why i picked this one i knew it was a decent post. Sorry that the ROC magazines were missing still some nice bits of paperwork left. The argument that if you have been in one you have been in them all doesn't necessarily apply to ROC posts you need to do another one to appreciate that.


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Ah my local post, long time no see :). Shame about the T-bar finally going, it was always quite loose. Great to see it still in pretty good nick, however can't tell how long it'll last without that T-bar eventhough they are easy to open with a screwdriver anyways. I'd love to own this one and keep it in good condition especially as i've seen the number of posts in as good nick as this decreasing over the years, but simply don't have the funds right now! It'll be a sad day for me when it gets ruined or demolished.
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I visited yesterday and there's not much in there now.