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Report - Green Lodge Naturopathic Centre – Halstead – Oct 2016

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The History

Now here’s what I know

There is very little information available with regards to this place. I believe it may at one time been a part of the nearby Attwood’s Manor care home and then became the Green Lodge Naturopathic Centre. Although it appears to share land with Attwood’s it looks as though it may have once had its own grand entrance and drive way. According to the flyer pictured below it is located in 27 acres of beautiful Essex countryside and was a “perfect peaceful retreat”.


I know from the date on the outside of the building it was built in 1872 but other than this I’m at a loss

If anyone else knows or finds anything else it would be much appreciated

The Explore

Out on a Saturday morning with a non-member and hooked up with @Stumblinmonkey headed over to Halstead to have a look at this. A customer at work had told me about an old house her daughter and her mates hang out in sometimes, so we decided to pay it a visit.

I had already had a look on google earth and had a rough idea of the location so knew where it was and what to look for.

We parked up and found what looked like it was the original main gate and walked through the trees along what was the driveway up to what we thought was our target. A little building with not a lot in it and not overly impressive and to be honest a bit of a let-down….










But as we came out of the end of this building we saw what we were really after and fuck was it nice.
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The front was showing signs of vandalism with smashed windows etc. The first room we made our way into was some kind of day room with glass windows along one side and looked as though it could have been quite fancy in its heyday.

Then we hit a stumbling block as the doors into the main building were all nailed shut. Bugger

We found another entry into the main building via a window and in we went.

Well what can I say, this place kept on giving, from the nice staircase as we went in to the corridors, the odd “sun lamp” the numerous old chairs and wheelchairs scattered about and various other signs of what was a nice place one day.

Then one of us wandered into a room full of junk. The walls were tiled and on each end of the wall was a no diving sign. This was a little odd and maybe a practical joke or something weird. But low and behold after moving some of the junk we realised we were indeed standing on a swimming pool that had been covered over!!

What the actual fuck? Why would you do such a thing?

I think if we had had more bodies we may have had a go at uncovering it, but we were a little over looked by the back of Attwood’s manor as you can see in the pics.

Well that was a little exciting but there was more to come, we climbed a staircase and the back of the “pool room” and had another oh my moment as we stumbled across what the sign on the door told us was the “conference and Tai-chi room” must have made those stressful meeting a little interesting.

We opened the door to the room and gave a collective “oh fuck“ as we saw the ceiling and a virtually mint and stunning room. After having a bit of a rest in this room we went on and found a few other odd rooms including the herb room…

This then led us back down to where we had entered so we left and headed into the surrounding grounds to find something else that I had spotted on google earth, bloody handy that app. Well it looked from the air to be some kind of pond. Well as we got closer we think what we found had been some kind of large hot tub or external covered pool. The roof was missing but the base was still there. But what was next to it was also a little weird. A large pill box, but sunk into the ground, I can only assume that maybe it was above ground once and had either sunk or the ground around it had been built up. However it was flooded and we had no chance of getting in.

At this point it was getting late I was supposed to be elsewhere so we said goodbye and headed our separate ways

As always enjoy the pics






























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Thanks I enjoyed looking at that.
Could the 'pill box' thing be an ice house?

Past times

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So I took a trip up there today, as I'm only a 35 minute drive away, and by the time I had walked round and headed back out the way I came in, somebody had gone and drilled a wooden door across the access window!! And I never even heard a thing! Luckily all the downstairs windows were able to open, so I had to get out via one of those and scramble through the bushes... Pretty weird. Whether I was spotted, I don't know? I did notice a man hovering about in a van and wondered if it was him who'd done it. So anyway, access to the main building through that window is no longer...

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Dunno best bets to have a look